The Paralounge is proud to present an amazing line up of “World Percussion”! Bring your family to this unique experience. Celebrate the human spirit with drum & dance from around the world. Enjoy interacting with hundreds of drum circle enthusiest from all over the world. See live performances by professional percussion artist from around the world. Participate in workshops that promote fun, education and community interaction.

The May 2016 Paralounge Drum Gathering was a beautiful weekend! Hundreds of people participated in a unique family event that promotes community through indigenous music. You can find many videos of the May 2016 weekend on YouTube. We are currently in the process of planning the next event. Please return to the website frequently. We will be releasing the next date soon.

You can find us talking about it on FaceBook!


  The Paralounge Drum Gathering October 2016 event has been canceled, due to last minute contract changes. We are no longer able to use the facility.

We have major issues with the sound created by hundreds of drums, so finding a new venue has become a challenge. We expect to have a new venue for the May 2017 Drum Gathering.

 We are currently beginning the process to become a non-for-profit 501c3 organization. We are organizing our resources in order to bring you a “New and Improved” Paralounge Drum Gathering. We look forward to seeing you in May 2017!

Enjoy your Holiday season and stay safe.







And after you enjoy the Earth shaking performances…… it’s Drum Circle time! Enjoy an all night drum circle with a beautiful fire.

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Where you can listen to some really great drum circle music!



Listen to Drum Circle Music

We would like to thank Solomon Peachy and Jason Waters, and other persons who have donated,  for the beautiful pictures seen throughout this website.